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By Elders Mike & Pam Porter

If You Don’t Work on Your Marriage, It will Fall Apart!

by Elders Mike & Pam Porter

Elders Mike & Pam Porter

Over the course of our marriage, there’s a simple lesson that we learned: when we’ve submitted our marital challenges to God, He’s always given us an answer or made clear which path to take in order for us to overcome it. In our hearts, we both know that it could have only come from Him. So, together, our faith in the Lord has grown stronger because we know this is one of His ways of saying, “I am with you.

We’ve also learned that our marriage is ever-evolving: It’s not what it was five years ago, nor will it be the same five years from now. It’s just like our Bishop, Owen McManus, Sr., always says, “If you don’t work on your marriage, it will fall apart!

“If you don’t work on your marriage, it WILL fall apart.”
— Bishop Owen McManus, Sr.
The Porter Family

On Friday and Saturday (May 4 –5), our church, City Church of New Orleans, is serving as a satellite location for the XO Conference, a series of marriage enrichment workshops led by keynote speakers from around the country. We see attending the XO Conference as working on our marriage together as one, in unity and therefore positioning ourselves to obtain God’s commanded blessing.

We’re going into the conference with an expectation that it will help to enhance our intimacy, renew our passion and refresh our relationship, but not because it’s a tagline. Instead, our expectation is rooted in something that we discovered during the course of over 27 years of marriage: we work well together. Whatever we set out to do, it always comes out better when we do it together. Many years ago, Pastor Owen McManus, Jr. spoke a prophetic word over us. Part of that word expressly stated that “we are anointed together.” We continue to stand on this prophecy.

For us, the XO Conference provides an opportunity to encounter God as husband and wife, and to encounter His dream for our marriage in a new and exciting way. We believe that as we continue to pursue a hot, passionate relationship with the Lord, that same passion and intensity will burn in our relationship with each other. As a couple, we challenge you to do the same.


If you’re in the New Orleans metro-area, you can register for the XO Conference here. The cost is $10 per person (doesn’t include a small ticket fee). Sessions start on Friday, May 4, 2018 at 7:00pm and resume on Saturday, May 5, 2018 at 9:00am.

XO Conference organizer and founder of MarriageToday, Jimmy Evans

The XO Conference is a series of workshops organized by Jimmy Evans, the founder of MarriageToday. He and his wife Karen have a ministry that’s devoted to helping couples grow their marriages, individually and together, so that each married couple can have a strong, fulfilling union and family life.

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