Students (180)

Our vision is to see the supernatural power of God impact teenagers in a real way.

Our student ministry is geared towards middle school (ages 11-13) and high school (ages 14-18) students. This ministry emphasizes developing a generation of young leaders who have a strong sense of identity and value servanthood the way that Jesus did.

We understand that young people are looking for fun and authenticity. That’s why our energetic team of mentors is passionate about helping students to:

  • Encounter the reality of God’s presence
  • Discover who He says they are
  • Find stability in the Word of God and
  • Live boldly for Christ in their schools and communities.

Check out some of our regular activities for students:


Belong Groups

Students meet on Wednesday nights in our Eastlake Campus Gym at 7pm. Meetings take place during one of the BELONG Group Trimesters. Activities include music, games, sports, small group discussions and more.


The Hangout

On the last Wednesday night of the month, 180 hosts a youth service in our Eastlake Campus gym. You haven’t seen church like this. Our team leads a live worship set, poetry and performing arts, games, scavenger hunts and more. The Hangout is all about using creativity to communicate the Word of God in a relevant way.

Come Hangout with other young people who are passionate about Jesus!

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