Andrew Benson District Pastor

About my family nucleus:
My wife, Jeana, and I were married in the late 80s. I’m happy to say that she serves with me here, at City Church, and that we have a grown son, Andrew Jr. (“Drew”) who serves with us on the praise team.
Salvation Experience:
I met Jesus when I was 15, a lost church kid who was messed up but thought I had it all together. Fell in love with him and told Him I’d do whatever He wanted me to do. He told me in that instant that I would spend the rest of my life telling people about Him.
How long have you been a member of City Church?
35 years.
What areas of Ministry do you oversee?
pastor the Northshore district of City Church and oversee those Belong Groups.  I work daily in Christian education as the English teacher at BMA.  I oversee marriage counseling, adult ministry to the over 40 crowd, and overseas missions.
What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
“If you can’t forget your past, you’ll never have a future.”- Bishop Owen McManus, Sr.
Who has made the biggest impact on your life?
Bishop’s mother, Elder Alberta McManus has done as much as anyone to form me into the man that I am. Her unswerving dedication and love for the Lord left an indelible mark upon my life about what it means to be a true servant of the Lord.
What’s something that you do well that most people won’t know about you?
I’m a great cook.
According to StrengthsFinder 2.0, what are your top 5 strengths?
Input, Empathy, Connectedness, Intellection and Restorative
What was one of the most profound or impactful moments that you’ve experienced in life?
When Jesus planted me here at City Church. He confirmed as clearly as anything I have ever heard in my life. He told me (referring to City Church), “Don’t you think I know where green pastures are?” (just like that)
Where is your dream vacation?
A week each in Bali, The Maldives, and Dubai at the Burj Al Arab.

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