Aaron Cuevas District Pastor

About my family nucleus:
My wife Julie and I have been married since June 2009. We’ve got one son, Lucas.
Salvation Experience:
I gave my heart to the Lord on an Encounter Retreat hosted by City Church. The day was February 18, 2007. I was skeptical about whether or not Jesus was really the Son of God. I didn’t really trust people, but that day, Jesus moved on my heart. I felt His love and kindness and decided to let Him in and become my Lord. In exchange, He filled me with the Holy Spirit, and delivered me from smoking and drinking. If that wasn’t enough, He touched my heart because He completely healed me of an intestinal condition with which I’d been struggling for 13 years at that point. I’m still so thankful for what He did that day...It’s just a privilege to serve Him however He sees fit.
How long have you been a member of City Church?
Since February 18 2007.
What areas of Ministry do you oversee?
I’ve been entrusted with overseeing the maintenance and grounds of our church, which sits on 33 acres of land. I’m also responsible for pastoring Kidz City, which is the children’s ministry of our church.
What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
You eat an elephant one bite at a time.
Who has made the biggest impact on your life?
Pastor Owen McManus, Jr. along with Pastor Bryan and Wendy Trosclair. Between the three of them, they’ve been there through the good time and the tough ones.
What’s something that you do well that most people won’t know about you?
I enjoy shooting guns; it’s been a hobby of mine since I was about 10 years old.What are you passionate about?Working hard for God. I’m passionate about seeing kids’ lives changes and helping parents to answer the call of raising Godly kids.
According to StrengthsFinder 2.0, what are your top 5 strengths?
* Harmony* Maximizer* Ideation* Consistency
What was one of the most profound or impactful moments that you’ve experienced in life?
Being filled with the Holy Spirit and receiving my prayer language really stands out for me because I was so overwhelmed that such a Holy and awesome God wanted to live in, speak through, use a person like me.
Where is your dream vacation?
Bringing my lovely and amazing wife to either Venice, Italy or Paris, France.

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